Neo-Strategic designs leadership development programs that are tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Assessments, training, facilitation, and individual & team coaching are ways for company leaders to identify the goals most relevant to individual and organizational success and to develop and implement the changes needed to achieve these goals.

Neo-Strategic works with your organization to identify:
• Organizational vision and direction
• Goals for your leadership development program that align with and support your overall organizational strategy
• A customized portfolio of services specifically designed to enable your leadership development objectives


Neo-Strategic provides several assessments including:
• Leadership Circle Profile 360 for individuals
• Leadership Culture Survey for teams
• EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 Emotional Intelligence assessments
• Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Step I and Step II instruments

These assessments are often used as a starting point for leadership development or team development. Assessments can be provided for individuals and for groups.


Coaching supports clients in creating an awareness and understanding of current patterns and in adopting new habits and actions that move clients toward their development goals. Neo-Strategic uses its proprietary EVOLVE™ model for both individual and team coaching. To read more about this process and the benefits of coaching, click here.

Here’s what some of Michelle’s clients have said about her approach to coaching and their results:

“When I first thought of coaching, my initial reaction was…I don’t need coaching!  I was pleasantly surprised that I actually did need some coaching and that Michelle was the perfect person to help me.  Michelle’s approach of gently guiding me with probing, thoughtful questions helped me realize that I had most of the answers to succeed within me.  I just needed to find a way to get them out.  The simple exercises were eye-opening and made me realize what I needed to change going forward.  The coaching really worked, three months later I was promoted! Michelle Somerday is an awesome, inspiring coach who would be an asset to anyone looking for future success.”
— Margo Martin, Vice President, Deltek

“Michelle offered thoughtful, effective techniques for improving my office interactions and the quality of my work.  She gently but skillfully kept our conversations on track and recognized what approaches would fit with my situation and personality.”
— Bill Wright, Vice President, National Non-Profit

“Working in an industry that is unstable due to changes in technology and corporate acquisitions and mergers, an executive coach provided an environment to manage expectations and develop accommodations that established a level of comfort.  Michelle’s coaching encouraged me to identify and develop my strengths which then created opportunities to further my career goals.”
— Maurice Lethbridge, Software Sales Executive


Neo-Strategic offers flagship seminars and workshops on Mindful Leadership, Women Leaders in STEM, Emotional Intelligence, and Effective Communication. Customized topics and programs are also available. Neo-Strategic also offers facilitation services for meetings and planning sessions.

Michelle consistently receives excellent reviews for program content and quality of facilitation. Some comments on recent classes include:

“Michelle was our Instructor. She was awesome. She gave everyone time to get the full understanding of what was presented. She also had a great pace. She allowed for group interacting and allowed for feedback. This was the best class that I have taken in a long time. Thanks Michelle.”

“Michelle was an OUTSTANDING teacher, leader, and facilitator. Her examples were current and relevant (which made them unforgettable to me!) and very easy to follow. She maintained control of a sometimes ‘enthusiastic’ audience and did an excellent job of directing everyone’s energy in the right place!”

“The instructor (Michelle) was extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and encouraged class participation. She did an excellent job of checking for clarity and made sure all our questions were answered satisfactorily. She also provided valuable outside resources.”


Michelle is an experienced, dynamic, and engaging speaker who has taught at the graduate level and given invited talks at international conferences. Please contact us if you would like to book Michelle to speak at your event. Upcoming open events are listed under Past & Upcoming Events.

Some comments on recent engagements include:

“This session was fantastic. It was practical and backed up by science. I also loved the exercises we did. If you have the chance to have her back I highly recommend you have her present again. Thanks Michelle!”

“Great information and activity. I took a lot away from this session to do and share.”

“Excellent energy level, engaging with audience despite group size, easy to understand.”

“Easy to follow, stayed on task, excellent talk!”

“Michelle has such a nice presentation style and demeanor- she’s calm and supportive and her intelligence shines through.”

“Great energy – loved this session.”

“Great presence, great content, great insights, great exercises, good interactivity, important message, and very, very knowledgeable.”

“Very calm, poised, and confident presentation style. She was easy to listen to and follow. Thanks again!”